Change is the end result of all true Learning

Change is the inevitable outcome that manifests through genuine learning.


In-depth portfolios of each child’s work, activities and checklists of developmental milestones are maintained and shared...


ACTIVITY-BASED learning for better understanding of concepts
BRAIN-BASED learning for higher retention and productivity...


Sports Lab : Gymnastic, Taekwondo
Skill Development : P.E.(Physical Education), Art & Craft, Yoga ,Dance , Music...

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“Welcome to our International High School website, where students from diverse backgrounds come together to foster global understanding, academic excellence, and lifelong friendships.”



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 K7 International High School is committed to create and maintain an environment where all students have a sense of belonging and feel safe. We promote a working and learning culture that stimulates and supports individuals to be smart, confident and fearless.

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The school's commitment to student safety is exemplary. We appreciate the thorough protocols in place to ensure our child's well-being. Additionally, the open communication channels between teachers and parents have been invaluable in staying informed about our child's progress.

Kirit Bhai Savaliya Parents

We couldn't be happier with our decision to enroll our child in this school. The teachers go above and beyond to ensure each student receives personalized attention, fostering a love for learning and encouraging their unique talents.

Kajal Ben Korat Parents

As parents, we are extremely impressed with the school's dedication to providing a well-rounded education. Our child has thrived academically and socially, thanks to the nurturing environment created by the passionate teachers and staff

Mahesh Bhai Suva Parents

The school's use of technology in the classroom has greatly enhanced our child's learning experience. From interactive online resources to digital collaborations, our child has developed essential digital skills that are increasingly valuable in today's world.

Dipti Ben Movaliya Parents

The school's commitment to parental involvement is commendable. Regular parent-teacher meetings, workshops, and volunteer opportunities have allowed us to actively participate in our child's education and contribute to the school community.

Bharat Bhai Meghani Parents

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