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“Welcome to our International High School website, where students from diverse backgrounds come together to foster global understanding, academic excellence, and lifelong friendships.”

To facilitate a child’s learning process there are teachers, well equipped classrooms, laboratories, the school library, hobby classes and the computer room. The child has a wide range of helping aids. 

Our Mission

 K7 International High School encourages the holistic development of the student. Our aim is to support learners in becoming curious, reflective and critical in their thinking as global citizens.

Our Vision

 K7 International High School provides a positive, vibrant and inspiring environment where students are valued and encouraged to succeed in becoming life- long learners, gold achievers & responsible citizen.

Why Choose K7 International High School

Our aim is to support the child it is up to them to make choices. Teachers are engaged to guide the child, to help them, to clarify their doubts and to make each aware of various possibilities.

There are rewards and prizes for those who reach prescribed goals. To help students from weaker backgrounds there are scholarships and stipends. The child has access to many other facilities in the process of learning. Students are encouraged to discover facts and relationships and continually build on what they already know.



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Why Choose K7 International High School

  • Holistic development
  • Life skills are developed and prepare kids for the real world situations
  • We make our kids Independent thinkers, good communicators with Winning attitude and fighting spirit.
  • Cultivation of moral values such as honesty and integrity
  • Individualized attention to each child
  • Strive the children to be:
    • Creative, innovative and fully equipped for future opportunities and challenges
    • Articulate, effective communicators, and express themselves appropriately
    • Engaged citizens, contribute to the community and address global challenges
    • Flexible, Self – aware and have ability to ask fundamental questions.
  • Personal competencies and social development
  • In our school Students learn to gather information, the transform that information into knowledge and use that knowledge in real life situations. Which make every child unique in their own ways.

We Develop


Child can understand other person well and work with them effectively


Child can think rationally, act purposefully and deal situations effectively.


Child can use emotional information to guide their thinking & behaviour and influence

About Our Teachers

Teachers of K7 International High School are talented, experienced and dedicated with linguistic and cultural diversity. They are trained to impart various skills and motivate the child to learn new things every day. They also make the child inquisitive and keep them focused in class by making the topic interesting from time to time. The teachers in our school spend quality time with the children and parent them with love and affection. They guide the children and inculcate values, help them to develop confidence, creativity and respect for their elders. This leads to tremendous development in the child’s personality. 

Check what our Students Parents say about us

The school's commitment to student safety is exemplary. We appreciate the thorough protocols in place to ensure our child's well-being. Additionally, the open communication channels between teachers and parents have been invaluable in staying informed about our child's progress.

Kirit Bhai Savaliya Parents

We couldn't be happier with our decision to enroll our child in this school. The teachers go above and beyond to ensure each student receives personalized attention, fostering a love for learning and encouraging their unique talents.

Kajal Ben Korat Parents

As parents, we are extremely impressed with the school's dedication to providing a well-rounded education. Our child has thrived academically and socially, thanks to the nurturing environment created by the passionate teachers and staff

Mahesh Bhai Suva Parents

The school's use of technology in the classroom has greatly enhanced our child's learning experience. From interactive online resources to digital collaborations, our child has developed essential digital skills that are increasingly valuable in today's world.

Dipti Ben Movaliya Parents

The school's commitment to parental involvement is commendable. Regular parent-teacher meetings, workshops, and volunteer opportunities have allowed us to actively participate in our child's education and contribute to the school community.

Bharat Bhai Meghani Parents

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